You Want to Love God More? Then Do It.

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Hello reader.

I have recently been a rock in a hard place. I have been feeling like my relationship with God isn’t all that I want it to be. I want to love Him passionately, above everything else. I want to believe His promises, not only that, I want to believe that they are enough for me–that even without anything else, God’s promises are enough. God is enough. Even if I was destitute–simply knowing Him would make me still full of joy and life.

But I don’t feel that way right now.

Even though I am reading several wonderful Christian books, reading my bible, going to church and going to bible study, I don’t feel in love with God.

My heart is not convinced.

And then I thought to myself….If you want to love God more, than do it.

We know better than to think that love is an emotion. Love is an action. A lifestyle. An orientation of the heart towards Christ.

I will choose to love Him the way He intended, above all else. Even when I find my feelings misaligned and my heart cynical, I will choose to love Him. Because I KNOW that this is truth. And He is for me.

“..being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion¬†until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Phil 1:6

Be confident, my brothers and sisters.



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